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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Teaspring Ya Bao Pu Erh

This tea is made from leaves plucked from Wild Arbor trees. These leaves are unlike anything I have ever seen before. They look like a bud of multiple leaves at once.

This was also brewed in my gaiwan, and the brews were rather pale but they did have a yellowish tint, but were quite flavorful,

1: 215 deg, 60 sec:
Nose: Honey and rose bushes
Palate: Flowery, with a hint of wood, some berries, possibly blueberries, mouth feel is watery, but also sorta coats like honey.
Finish: slightly sweet, but very mellow.

2: 212deg. 90 sec:
Nose: Honey and roses, with hints of citrus.
Palate: Honey, flowers, and mixed berries, almost like a berry smothie.
Finish: smooth and lasting sweetness.

3: 212 deg, 120 sec:
Nose: roses, perhaps jasmine, and pineapple
Palate: Lasting Sweetness, strawberries, and roses.
Finish: Lingering sweetness, and a lingering blueberry, with hints of honey.

4: 212 deg. 150 sec:
Nose: roses, jasmine, and lily's
Palate: rougher mouth feel almost pine like, hints of honey but not much.
Finish: no sweetness, mostly water.

Overall: This was a nice naturally sweet tea. The proper term for the lingering sweetness is: huigan. I forgot to mention in my last post, but I recieved a care package from a friend at Teachat, full of all sorts of tea's.
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