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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Teasprings an ji baicha

This is another tea given to me by a friend of mine. After trying some of these tea's... I might just have to get into green tea's. But at the moment I seem to be really into the greener Oolongs. Such as the Teaspring Tie Guan Yin, and Adagio's Tie Guan Yin. and Teavana's Six Summit Oolong. This weekend I'm going to review two Roasted Tie Guan Yin's... then starting the weekend after that is going to be a week full of Pu Erh reviews.

1: 174 deg F. 80 sec.
Nose: sweet grass, pear.
Palate: It makes its presence known with a very light astringent beginning, like a mild grass, and it is buttery and honeydew like.
Finish: Very clean, almost think your drinking water.

2: 177 deg F. 80 sec.
Nose: Honey
Palate: still that light grass, slightly more pronounced, with cherry in there too.
Finish: slightly lingering grassy-ness.

3: 170 deg F. 100 sec.
Nose: Honey dew.
Palate: a more subtle beggining, and it builds into the grassy-ness, with a bamboo taste.
Finish: The lingering mild astringency.

I have the impression this tea is not going to change much throughout more brews. Its color was very pale, and I found it to be very pleasent.
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