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Friday, February 6, 2009

Teasprings Lu An Gua Pian

This is the first tea I'm reviewing that I did in my Gaiwan. This is a green tea from China it comes from the Lu An county, and according to teaspring it is one of the best from that area.

I used the amount shown in the picture which basically coated the bottom of my 100 ml gaiwan, 2 leaves deep.

1st infusion: 160 deg. F. 60 seconds
Nose: Light asparagus, and a sweetness almost like honey suckle.
Palate: very vegetal, almost creamy, as it cools the sweetness emerges, and a hint of grass also comes out.
Finish: Hint of Broccoli, and light spiniach.

2: 154 deg. F. 60 seconds
Nose: Sweet, and mixed veggies
Palate: Vegetal with a hint of grassy astringency, smooth mouth feel.
Finish: Less broccoli, hint of grassiness( a pleasant astringency).

3: 154 deg. 120 seconds
Nose: sweetness again, with fresh cut grass.
Palate: mouth feel is a little rough from astringency, its mostly just overwelming grass right now.
Finish: dryness, with a hint of roast potato.

4: 154 deg. 90 seconds
Nose: Grassy Fields
Palate: Less astringent slight sourness, and smoother mouth feel.
Finish: pleasent, almost sterile like dentist cotton balls.

5: 154 deg 105 seconds
Nose Grassy fields.
Palate: light astringency, more watery.
Finish: Slightly dry.

The color of this started out a pale yellow green, and grew greener and greener, something I would consider nearly a transperent lime green near the end.

Overall: I liked this tea very much, though the third steep was unpleasent, though I probably steeped it to long.
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