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Thursday, March 5, 2009

2005 Wild Arbor Tree Pu-erh

This selection is from the puerh shop, and is manufactured by the Yunnan Yutian tea factory. In a previous session with this tea, I discovered half a leaf that was by far the largest tea leaf I have seen yet. Large leaves are a sign of fall harvest, but also a sign of a non plantation tea. So while I am not skilled enough to judge weather this is actually a Wild Arbor Tree pu-erh, it is just that much more likely as it probably didn't come from a plantation.

Its nose is rich and buttery, with hints of tobacco. Its color is a definite apple cider, and its palate is a citrusy tobacco, quite strong atually. There are also hints of pear, and the finish is a mellowed almost rotten banana.

This tea requires shorter infusions at the risk of becomming very strong, though it could be exaggerated this time as I mutilated alot of the leaves breaking pieces off of the brick since nothing wanted to give way that easily this time.

The later infusions offer a stronger citrus note, almost lemony.
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