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Sunday, July 26, 2009

2009 Nadacha Nannuo Qiao Mu

This tea is from Nannuoshan (Nannuo Mountain), similarly to the other 2009 Nada cake I tried recently. But, this cake comes from approximately 200 year old trees, and I have heard nothing but rave reviews for this cake (sadly I only got a sample).

The dry aroma of the leaves is very sweet. While after the rinse the wet leaves smell like lemon grass, with a bit of roughness that I can't quite place.

The color of the first steep was a deep yellow, almost a pale gold. It smells very much of lemon grass, with some floral tones peeking through, but sadly I don't know my flowers smells nearly well enough. Unlike the plantation cake, this one seems to have some strength, a very present powerfull astringency, but it is still very drinkable and no where close to overwhelming. I would say though that it has a very lemon peel like effect to it, which lingers into the finish. The finish is definitely dry and rather long lasting, but a pretty darn good Hui Gan.

The second infusion brewed up the same lovely color, with a very similar aroma. Overall the second infusion was rather similar to the first, but still very nice.

The Third infusion is slightly lighter, and much more floral, as it seems to have lost quite a bit of the lemon harshness.

While this tea is a great tea, and I'm sure it would be great aged, its doing what young sheng does very well and is going straight to my stomach, and as I haven't eaten much yet today, its doing a number. Plus so far through 5 infusions it has seemed quite similar, I will definitely come back to it later though.

Normally I don't come back and add more onto posts, but I came back for brews 6 and on after eating lunch. The power is fading, but in fading its turning into a nice grassy flavor.
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