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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Nada Cha 80's Da Ye loose leaf

This tea is made from very large yellow leaves that are often picked out and not pressed into cakes. But it rather affordable for a large amount of 80's sheng. But In my opinion the 80's Wang zi is by far a superior choice. If you get a whole 300 gram bag, its actually less than 3 of the 90's tuo's that Nada sells. Considering its also older (which does not mean better), this tea seems to be rather bargan priced.

First off the brew color of this tea is quite translucent, and a rather orange color.

Its aroma is not exceptionally powerful, but there is a hint of damp basement to it, with a slight tobacco smell also. Its smooth tasting, but I think the tobacco flavor is what is throwing me a little bit, as it comes out with a slight astringency in the finish. I think this had some wet storage at some point in time, but its from the 80's so its highly likely. But it does have a very nice Hui Gan. which seems to stay for quite some time.

In the second brew I want to say it has a hint of red in it that is really starting to come out. Sadly it still has the tobacco smoke and wet basement smell to it, at least its rather smooth and somewhat interesting even though it is rather one dimensional.

One thing that seems to be comming out a bit later is a rather pronounced mineral taste.

It seems to really flatten out, and loose its power after 7 infusions or so.

This isn't a horrible tea, but it is far from spectacular. I think this has appeal for being something you don't see everywhere, and from the 80's.

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