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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Nada Cha 90's tuo Revisited

I received a yixing as a gift from a friend of mine, who had gotten a new yixing for aged sheng which left this one unused. He has done such a good job of season it, I feel its a shame using it to brew my 90's tuo, but have no fear better aged sheng should be on its way.

This is brewing up a strong dark cup of tea, which tastes like a walk through a forest in late fall, after a rain. To me it also reminds me of old decaying trees eaten away by bugs, and moist with decomposition and fresh rich soil.
Now I know I raved about this tea the first time I talked about it. It still is a great tea for the price, and sadly Nada said he probably won't stock it any more after the ones currently in his possesion run out.

I also decided too include a picture of what I'm currently using for Puerh tea. The clay jug is my fair cup, and I like these bowl type cups for puerh, somehow with these aged tea's they just seem to make them much smoother.
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