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Sunday, July 5, 2009

TeaCuppa Jade Ti Guan Yin

This is the very same Jade Ti Guan Yin that I used for my roasting experiment. I guess it just took my awhile to get around to reviewing it, as I said I was going to about a month ago.

1: boiling, 30 seconds

Nose: Its been quite some time since I've made a green oolong, and this does not disappoint. Raspberries and butter, with perhaps a hint of mint.

Palate: A tartness, like a sour berry, but its rather buttery.

Finish: The sour tartness just sticks with you, and doesn't want to give up, yet has hints of mint.

2: boiling, 20 seconds

Nose: Very buttery, with hints of minerals, and mint.

Palate: hint of orange, but still classic green oolong melted butter like taste.

Finish: some of the tartness from before, with a raw broccoli like aftertaste.

3: boiling, 40 seconds

Nose: Actually starting to fade, but similar to the first two, lots of spring aroma's.

Palate: slightly sour butter, with hints of shortbread.

Finish: Lingering sourness.

This is not horrible, but the sour taste is throwing me off.
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