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Saturday, August 29, 2009

1997 ShuiXian Brick

The only source I know, which sells this brick, is the Tea Gallery, and they seem to have very few left (1 as listed on their site). Other people which have reviewed this tea, often talk about how hard the brick is to break apart. While it is a new experience to try and break apart a Yancha, with something with the slightest point on it it seems decently easy. Just try and split down the center of the stick.

I personally think there is something slightly special about this tea. When brewed with boiling water you get a decent plum, with a sour note that is no where near overwhelming. But one thing I'd like to note about this tea, is through the breaking process you get many leaf fragments, but it is always smooth. Its color is an alluring deep brown, like a half spent Puerh, but amazingly clean.

A remark on this brick, For me it is great for a solo brew, as all you need is half a stick on one of the tea galleries small gaiwans, and it is a great easy brewer for one or two people. Its no small secret that I like this tea, as this tea is what persuaded me to try my hand in attempting to age Wuyi oolongs.
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