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Friday, August 14, 2009

Andao Wuyi Rare Orchid

Andao Wuyi Rare Orchid

This is the first tea I've had in a long time that has left me completely uninspired. It is either I have not unlocked the secrets of this tea, or as I've known for quite some time, I am not one for floral teas. In fact I do not touch anything with jasmine in the title for that very reason.

I enjoy alot of fruits in my teas, but never horribly floral ones. I do not mind floral smells, which is perhaps why I don't avoid Dan Cong's on principal. And this did have a very nice floral orchid smell. Can't say anything else really jumped out at me.


While the broth tasted mediocre at best, honestly reminds me of the taste you get if you lick your fingers after playing with flower petals. Something which I do not enjoy in the least. In fact this tea overall reminded me so much more of a Dan Cong than a wuyi, I'm not entirely sure what to think.
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