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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Classic Roast Ti Guan Yin

This is a spectacular tea, if you are into Chao Zhou gong fu preperation of tea. For more information on preperation of ChaoZhou gong fu see my previous entry. I made this for a friend yesterday, and he likened it to the tea equivalent of arabic coffee compared to coffee. All I know is this is a great way to teach people the true power of tea.

Notice that with this small Giawan from the teagallery, which is perfect for a solo session of this type of preperation or more precious teas, if you need to keep the temperature more consistent, a teaboat, or in this case bowl is necessary as there it looses heat quite quickly.

As for the tea itself, it is from the Tea Gallery, and I'm already wishing I got more. To me its aroma is characteristic of charred vegetables notably bamboo, as it has a nice carmalized sugar sweetness. With a very hearty berry taste to it. But its so strong and so complex There are so many tastes, one can not hope to identify them all, you basically look at it and say: How was the aroma? How was the Taste? How was the finish? And it comes across as a resoundingly unanimous terrific.

So remember when brewing this, brew it strong and enjoy.

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