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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Late 90's Huang Yin (Yellow Mark)

Late 90s Huang Yin unwrapped
This is a CNNP (China National Native Produce) cake, fashioned after the almost legendary Yellow label of the 50's or 60's (not sure when the original Yellow Label was released. I picked this cake up at Nadacha, who is probably my favorite vendor for premium, and aged puerh.

Late 90's Huang yin Nei fei
As you can tell this tea has already aged a great deal, probably due to its Hong Kong storage, which has left a couple of the leaves with a little white frosting. Amazingly enough this did not seem nearly as wet stored as the 90's Tuo.

Thirsty Cup wants some
This color of even the earlier brews was relatively clear, and never more than a slightly dark red. Though this tea still has a slight sign of youth to it, as I detected a little bit of ku that is found in younger teas, though this one was by far much more smoothed over and peaceful and reduced.
This tea is already a great aged tea. I detected over the course of an afternoon of brewing hints of waterchestnuts, peppers, and even ginger. All while being thoroughly soothing on this hot summers day.
So I leave you with a happy cup and two of my yixings basking in the sun.

Sky in a cup
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