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Monday, September 7, 2009

Jing Tea Shop Da Hong Pao

I think I secretly judge a vendor by how much I like their Da Hong Pao, as it is a tea almost synonymous with Yancha. Even as most vendors have a Da Hong Pao, and possibly not the other Si Da Ming Cong (4 famous tea bushes of Wuyi). So I think in taking a close look at the Da Hong Pao a vendor offers, I think I can get an impression of the vendors tastes when it comes to Yancha.

I don't know if its been the lack of tea I have had in the past few days, but the aroma of this is amazingly welcome and familiar, but I must say it has its own certain characteristics that set it apart from others. I get marachino cherries, with roses, but a hint of caramelized sugars, and believe it or not, I think there is the smell of roasted carrots believe it or not. I do not think I could have made this any more smooth, perhaps a slightly longer steep next time, but it has a presence on in the mouth that coats but nothing stands out screaming its presence. There is the hint of a nutty and buttery notes, but it all blends into a creamy texture. The finish though is cooling like menthol and leaves me salivating for more.

The most amazing thing about this, is its color is like an ultra clear honey, or a translucent piece of amber. Quite visually pleasing.

I should note as I've been starting to take into account how the weather factors into the taste of the tea, it is a mild day with a Steel sky in the home of Bethlehem Steel.

This tea puzzles me, it has an amazing aroma, but I feel its lacking on the palate and finish, even with a relatively stuffed pot, a little over half full after shaking to settle the leaves. But even though there is a lack of flavor in the finish the impression and feeling it leaves is quite welcome.
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