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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Jing Tea Shop Every day Shi Feng Long Jing

Yesterday a order from Jing Tea Shop arrived which contained a large amount of different tea's as I wished to try a bit of everything.

I'm breaking out of a comfort zone, and while I have been told how to brew Chinese green tea's I am not fully aware of the subtleties which may produce an exceptional cup. Although Upon the arrival of the package I did quickly whip some of this up to take with me to class, as a glass brew in a thermos. I thought it passed that test quite well actually, and hope to test it under more strict structure.

So I am drinking this out of a gaiwan, and after preheating the gaiwan and adding the leaf, I found the smell to be extraordinarily sweet, with a slight grassy aroma.

Its taste is slightly bitter like spinach, but rather full and welcome. I think everyday describes this correctly, its is a means to drinking tea, and to practice making tea, but it is nothing exceptional. Though I must say it certainly is a bargain for its quality compared to what you can find in the Western Hemisphere, for around the same price including shipping.

Though I'm not sure how to describe this, it almost reminds me as though I'm inhaling a fog or mist in a heavily wooded area during spring. Just an overwhelming sense of vegetation comes to mind when drinking this.

By far the biggest downside to this tea, is any infusion beyond the first is seriously lacking substance. Even with leaving a root at the bottom of the gaiwan.

Long Jing Leaves take a walk.
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