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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Jing Tea Shop Premium Anji Bai Cha

In the tea world, as I think is true with many products teas are often dressed up to sound amazing, usually given labels such as premium, superior, imperial, etc. Just to sound like it is something special. So as I just wanted to refer to this as Anji Bai Cha, I do not know if Jing Tea shop will ever sell a different one under a different "grade" so I felt it was somewhat necessary to specify.

Anyway onto the tea, the teas appearence at first glance is of tiny little needles, then upon closer inspection you see it is actually a leaf and a bud rolled together to make it appear to be one slightly larger bud.

But its aroma is quite welcome as we decend into fall, as it is a reminder of fresh melons and blooming trees. While its taste is has the texture of melon juice, with a subtle hint of sweetness completing the felling. Also a bit of a cereal taste in there also. Its taste is amazingly clean, and finishes on a fresh spinach salad note which lingers for a bit.

I prepared this by taking boiling water and pouring it into my faircup for a few seconds. then filled half of the gaiwan. Left it there for 10 minutes, then filled the rest up to the top with slightly warm water. And if the second infusion comes across like this, it will be a huge success

I should note that the second infusion was just as great, with the melon flavors replaced by a vegetal cucumber/lettuce flavor.
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