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Friday, September 11, 2009

Jing Tea Shop Rou Gui

The leaves appearance match that of any typical Wuyi though they do seem to be a bit larger than I typically see, though no where near as large as the One-hundred year tree. The aroma of the rinse is warm and welcome on a day that would fit right in much further into fall. Yet the aroma reminds me of birch wood, with a distinctly fall aroma, but not in the same sense as puerh.

The color of this is lighter than I was expecting and unless my eyes deceive me slightly cloudy. But the aroma is of baked goods in the fall, and an old childhood favorite of mine cinnamon and sugar toast. But there is something distinctly apple like.

Cinnamon and apples it is indeed, the taste is there, plentiful cinnamon, and a tart apple.

The second infusion is slightly darker, and has a much rounder and fuller aroma, but same basic aromas.

This tea now makes me wish I had more, as it was truly a magical experience today. Easing stress, and edging me into a state of non-caring. Not in a apathetic sense, but as in a state of relaxation and not being agitated about what I have yet to do, this weekend.
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