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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pre-Ming Meng Ding Huang Ya

This tea is a yellow tea from Jing Tea Shop, and I should note this is the first white tea I have had. Smells a little like pine resin, crossed with a cake of recent Sheng Puerh. Its appearance is similar to a green tea, but it has a yellow hint to it which sorta reminds me of a stale green tea. A yellow tea is sort of amisterious tea to me its been described as a hybrid of various tea types like its somehow between a green and an oolong. Yet another friend describes it as sorta a cooked green tea. We shall see.

For this tea I am treating it similar to a green tea, just enough to cover the bottom of the gaiwan, and leaving a root. I am also going to establish the root with about a 10 minute infusion. with a half full gaiwan. If I had a larger than 100 ml gaiwan I would do a third full, but thermodynamics is tricky and must always be taken into consideration.

I should probably explain what Pre-Ming means. Pre-Ming implies that it was harvested before the QingMing Festival.

The aroma of this during the steep is quite interesting cooked peas, and perhaps a slight hint of fish oil and smoke. But predominately cooked peas.

You know this is definitely a first, this tea tastes like cooked peas. It is like a very strong green tea, but the main flavor is that of cooked peas.

In the second infusion it takes on a bit of a minty tone to it, and the finish is slightly bitter like cooked spinach.

This is an interesting tea, I just had a successful third infusion and am going for a fourth. But the cooked peas and spinach taste has always been there, and quite interesting at the same time.
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