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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ten Ren Tung Ting Red Box.

I recently went on a trip to a local asian market. While there I was not exceptionally thrilled with their tea selection, but I did find two I'd thought I'd give a try. One is this red 300 gram box of Dong Ding or Tung Ting oolong tea. Dong Ding is a mountin in Nantou, Taiwan. I also picked up 300 gram box of Tie Guan Yin, which I was thrilled to see was heavily roasted.

I can not tell you much about either of the teas I picked up but it did look as though most of them were from Ten Ren.

Its aroma is actually quite interesting, sorta like a sour cream like aroma with hints of berries and a slightly acidic note. Its palate coats like oil, and the whole tea gives off a rather oily taste.

This tea reminds me why I do not drink the green stuff anymore. While it is great in moderation, in repeated brewing it gets quite tiresome, and all starts to taste the same after a while.

Tea and leaves
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