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Monday, September 21, 2009

Let me know your results.

Yesterday I decided to do a water experiment, as I've heard it repeated many times, and even believed it myself, but I've never put it into a semi rigorous experiment.

So here is the experiment, take your brewing vessel, for this smaller is better, as you will end up drinking a lot of tea. Brew the same tea, for two sessions in a row, and for the first session every time you pour the water into the vessel, pour it from as close as possible to the leaves, and pour it straight into the center of the vessel. For the second session every time you add water do it from at least 6 inches above the top of the vessel, and for this higher is better as long as it is comfortable and controllable. You should also pour in a circular motion and if using a gaiwan pour along the sides.

I'd recommend using the same vessel both times to try and keep as many parameters the same as possible.

Now I'd like to have you try this experiment and please post your results. I will edit this post in a week with my results as I want to try is several different times with different teas.

As Pictures were requested:

This is a close pour straight into the center of the gaiwan (no leaves in this picture, don't have time for tea right now).

This is a high pour, I can get it higher, but its hard to control and take a picture at the same time, though note how the pour is onto the side of the gaiwan and would avoid shocking the leaves with the boiling water. What I can not get in a picture is the circling motion around the edge of the gaiwan you would do when pouring like this.

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