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Monday, October 26, 2009

Head to Head two Jing Shui Xian offerings

Two bowls of Tea Soup,
Today I'm extra thirsty,
Worthy opponents.

I started out with 5 grams of each tea, and simply added water to the bowl, then ladled out cupfuls and tasted periodically.

Traditional Shui Xian

Slightly smaller and more chopped leaf

its brew is slightly more red in color.

Its aroma is of primarily root vegetables with citrus coming into the mix later, overall the aroma is heartier, but later on it turned almost sour.

The taste is more robust, with citrus and clove, and packs a little bit of a bite.

Lao Cong Shui Xian

Leaves are full and long.

Color is more amber.

Aroma: Starts off sweet with bits of citrus, but mainly fruits. Then just fades into general candy like aromas.

Taste is more cinnamon and nutmeg

At one point in the finish this had a slightly awkward note in the finish.

These both are very sound teas, and which I would probably grab depends on my mood. Both offer rather tasty broths, and taste somewhat similar, but the differences speak for themselves.
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