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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hidden Deals

Occasionally you stumble upon something that is really questionable. Like I've heard stories of China towns both good and bad, and I figured an Asian market would be similar.

Several weeks ago, I went to an Asian market, which I got two teas, one of which is nothing special. But I was surprized when I opened up this box which I could only tell that it was Tie Guan yin, and upon opening it up, I was amazed to see it was a Heavy roast.

Now this tea is nothing ground breaking but if I could find a place to get it regularly I would be thrilled, as it is a great deal for 300 grams for 8 dollars.

The box has little written in English and it is Sea-Dyke brand which a search will give you many results and no vendors offering a thorough selection of their offerings.
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