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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Jing Tea Shop Wuyi Fo Shou

Still working through a rather large order I placed from Jing Tea Shop. So far with one exception I have been thrilled with their offerings.

I have had a Fo Shou before but that was done in a Tie Kuan Yin like fashion. This tea somehow still offeres hints of a green oolong, though in my opinion roasting has improved it. I could smell this tea all day, in its spicy and flowery goodness.

But the taste leaves something to be desired. It is buttery, and almost breadlike, like a good rye. But there is also a slightly sour note, which some people like, but I just don't see how it fits in in this tea.

I enjoyed this tea, but did not think it was on par with the other Wuyi teas from Jing tea shop I have had so far. The taste faded quite quickly both the good and the bad parts.... But the Aroma persevered and was enjoyable throughout.

As you may have noticed I have been drinking a fair few Wuyi Yancha's recently, and I hope you are enjoying it as you can expect many more. There are few tea's I find more enjoyable then Yancha.

Wuyi and the mist
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