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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

White espresso, Traditional Zheng He Bai Mu Dan

Bai Mu Dan or White peony, is a very popular white tea, and this is the first white tea of this quality I have had. But one thing I've been itching to do, after hearing my friend Wesli talk about it, is white espresso, with white tea. As I'm not in the market for buying more white tea I'm trying to ration the 25 grams of this I have, so I'm testing this out in my smallest Gaiwan.

This Traditional Zheng he Bai Mu Dan came from jing teashop, and I know I've seemed to be trying only their tea lately, but I assure you that is almost to an end.

This tea in its rugged appearence and the sweet but woodsy aroma of its dry leaf immediatly peeked my interest, so I hope I enjoy.

I must say this is rather surprising, and espresso is a good way to explain it. Its aroma is quite full of woods and wildflowers. While the taste is very woody, with spices I can only explain as barbecue like.

So what seemed to work well for this White espresso, is a half full gaiwan I'm using my very thin 60 ml one so it looses heat quickly. And from a boiling pour water into a fair cup, and wait a short while approx. 15 seconds, then pour on the tea, and let it cool to a drinkable point. But leave a root between infusions and repeat.

It is wonderful.

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