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Thursday, November 19, 2009

1994 Menghai #8582

This tea already looking rather aged, and definitely more aged than the 96 which I thought was fairly dry stored. And the liquor on this one a nice brown color with hints of a redness to it.

1994 Menghai 8582

I'm brewing it in the 60 ml Zhuni pot, which although I liked it for aged oolong I think I prefer it for aged puerh more so. That and the fact that its hard to consistently find aged yancha in the west, whereas I know of several places I can go to to get quality aged puerh.

Its got a mild camphor aroma, with hints of spices, and its taste is equally spicy with a hint of mint like freshness to it. This tea has a slight bit of strength left but still a very pleasant taste.

The obscured drop

This tea when pushed has a great bit to it, which feels almost powdery afterwards.

This tea is quite long lasting, and good throughout its many infusions. I should note that the leaves are mostly mangled and from larger leaves. But still makes for a very tasty drink.
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