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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My thoughts on Yixing

Yancha Pot
Originally uploaded by Adam Yusko
This photo is of my yancha pot, and reflecting on my most used pot there are some remarks I want to make.

Many people ask questions about pairing a pot with a certain tea and what to look for when considering the pairing.

What I first want to say is Consider your tea habits and its probably only worth while to get a pot if it you drink that type of tea excessively. Or you wish to collect pots and you find that pot exceptionally alluring.

As for pairing with tea the best thing to do is brew several different types of tea in it. But Keep in mind the shape of the pot, if it is tall and narrow its going to be difficult to fit in long twisted leaves like yancha.

This pictured pot is my yancha pot, I like it as its low and flat and can fit leaves in it that are easily several inches long. It is also the pot that has been used the most, and I like how it has developed over these past several months.
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