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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

O-Cha Yutaka Midori

So I'm breaking out of chinese tea right now, and venturing into Japanese greens. I've had limited experience with Japanese greens before and know that they can be really really good or really really bad, usually depending more on the person behind the teapot than anything else.

So This Yutaka Midori came in a Green Tea gift set, which I think is nice as it includes two of the tins Japanese tea lovers just love so much. Now this tea is 100% from Kagoshima, and deep steamed (Fukamushi).

Its aroma is something I've only really smelled from Japanese teas. Which is slightly nutty, but very grass and vegetal in nature. Its taste is on the divine side though. Springs playing soccer is all I can really say. Especially on those wet and rainy days. But in all honesty the taste is grassy, slightly sweet like fresh rain, and its finish is a lingering spinach note.

Yutaka Midori

In short I find this tea great, and my new hagi just completes the experience.

Super Ao ONI-HAGI, Sakazuki Hai

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