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Friday, December 18, 2009

Ippodo Obukcha

With a friend, as I was just starting to discover Japanese Greens, him and I did a swap, I sent him some aged puerh he has yet to try, and he sent me a goody box full of Japanese greens, just about all of which from Ippodo.

Sadly he didn't tell me till today he would like me to publish my notes on the teas he sent, and both Sencha's and 1 of the Gyokuro samples he sent are long gone. Though I will note that they were amazing, and the Gyokuro was simply amazing to say the least.

This tea is a Bancha genmaicha, but it has relatively few rice kernels compared to the amount of tea. Most of Ippodo's teas if not all are Asamushi, or lightly steamed.

The color of this tea is a slightly greenish yellow, but I couldn't get a good picture as its just washed out in the pink loquat glaze Biwa hagi.

The toasted grains are a nice touch, and add a little bit more substance to this tea, which is peaceful, but its amazing for the price. The tea has a slight hint at umami flavor, but nothing compared to Gyokuro.

This tea is just a pleasure to drink, and treat casually.
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