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Monday, January 4, 2010

100 Posts

Hagi Family

I was wondering what I was going to do for my 100th post, and now that its actually here, I realized I did not have a tea I considered special enough for a 100th post, I have some good ones on hand, but nothing I consider proper for this post.

So over the past 100 posts I have made some amazing tea friends, helped by the forum Tea Chat run by Adagio. I have completely redefined my focus on teas once, then broadened my horizons to include Japanese teas. So in the next 100 posts look forward to more Japanese teas. Hopefully higher quality Chinese Teas, definitely exploring a wider variety of Wuyi Yancha my favorite type of Chinese Oolong.

Possibly a bit of an exposure into aged oolongs. Alone with retastings of several teas I am currently aging to see how they have changed.

The picture is my current Hagi yaki family, something which has grown at an exponential rate as of late.

Thank you to those who have found me, followed me, and read regularly, and I hope to continue with many more posts.
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