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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Excessive use.

Its only upon reflecting the pieces of teaware that I like the most that I've noticed a common theme. I like teaware that shows it has been used, and how much it has been used. I think that is my attraction to Hagi, and Yixings, and my Ceramic kettle, and idea of a Tetsubin and Celedon pieces. All these things take on character with age and have a way to show how much use they have been through.

This seems odd as in society many people stress how nice it is when something is in mint condition, completely unused, and zero sign of wear and tear. But I always examine my Hagi yaki for sings of use and the progress they are taking through the seven stages. And I've been noticing a lot of Celedon pieces in peoples blogs, and the sings of use that they are under going and I'm getting an itch to get some Cceledon pieces.

So I'm curious, do my readers like the effects of age and use on their treasured pieces? Or do they wish they could have stayed like new forever?

From Seven Stages of Hagi
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