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Monday, January 4, 2010

Jing Tea Shops Premium Shui Jin Gui

Shui Jin Gui
This is the last pot of wuyi I'm having from my order of Jing Tea shops samples placed a few months ago. I'll probably post pictures at a late date but upon reading on tea tools by a certain Mandarin I finally remembered to grab a large chinese brush I was given a few Christmas's ago. It is now my Tea brush, and I'll now use it on my yixing.

The color of the brew as pictured is quite dark. But yes it exhibits everything I love about wuyi, the slight bitting bitterness, the warming feeling and the characteristic sweetness that comes from a heavier or higher temp roast.

While the second infusion brought on the velvety mouth feel that I've only really ever had from a wuyi, but the flavor is some sort of roasted root vegetable can not quite pin which one, with lots of fall spices.

I know I say fall spices a lot especially when refering to Wuyi teas, so to be clear fall spices include things like nutmeg, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, pepper... basically things that go into spice cookies and give warm savory flavors.

The brew is a color that comes with a lengthy roasting
While the taste is classic, and awakens the inner soul.
Such a wonder tea brings, especially from Wuyi-shan.
- Adam Yusko
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