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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Matsu No Midori

Matsu no Midori Sencha

So a box from ippodo arrived today, so you can start to look foward to a few Matcha reviews on my blog, as I have been hitting the japanese greens hard, and do not see an end in the near future. But though this tea I'm reviewing is from ippodo, it did not come in the package, this I got from a friend with which I have been doing some tea swaps.

I am making it in my Humongous Hagi Kyusu, that holds 16 ounces to the lid. Though I hardly see myself using that much, and will probably usually use it for 8 ounce steeps or less.

The leaf appearance and brew color are good, and the taste I feel is very characteristic of sencha, a natural type of sweet, with a delicious quality to it that is like a faint effect of the umami taste.

This tea seems to be remarkable in the sense that is it unremarkable. Now that is not a bad thing, in fact its somewhat of a good thing. This tea to me has no characteristics which grab my attention, which considering its usually the bad things that grab my attention that is very good. But that also means there is nothing about this tea that grabs my attention in a good way.

Matsu no Midori Sencha brewing

That being said I think this tea is a good tea, as sometimes you just want to sit down with a cup of tea, relax, and not have to worry about anything detracting from the experience. And until you hit a certain price point most teas that have Markedly positive things to say about them tend to also have something that sticks out as a negative. So none of either, is a very blissful cup of tea.

From Hagi in Use
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