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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ippodo Nichi Getsu Sencha

Nichi Getsu Sencha
I recieved an order from Ippodo today, and while I am cutting back on sencha, I am taking the time to try Gyokuro and Matcha. Though this was the sencha I had in the order, and hopefully I can stretch this and my teas into Shincha season (3-4 months?---probably not).

The aroma of this one is very nice, its got almost a candy like quality to it. Though it would be an odd candy as its very fresh, in terms of green leafy vegetables, but I guess what gives it the candy is there is this strong sweetness permeating through the entire aroma.

Its taste is rather sweet, with a slight hint of fish, but I love how it coats the mouth and has an intense lingering sweetness.

From Hagi in Use
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