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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Andao Tea Wuyi White Rooster Crest

Another Wuyi Tea from Andao Tea, I wish I could give some facts about this Cultivar but its Chinese name is Bai Ji Guan, and it is one of the Si Da Ming Cong. Besides that I know little, and I have considered learning Chinese to do some further research but that seems to be pretty far on the back burner.

Its color brews up a deep almost coffee like color, it's aroma is chocolate like with a hint of a citrus fruit (ever so slight). Its taste is like a really good coffee, and slightly biting in a bitter sense but still nice. This reminds me of a really high Cocao content dark chocolate.

Andao Bai Ji Guan

The second infusion lightens up a bit, the second infusion smells fruity and is somewhat lacking in taste, perhaps I shouldn't have gone with a shorter infusion.

The third infusion brews up an ruby red with an amber hue to it. I am actually rather amazed at how fresh this tea is starting to smell after the first infusion was so chocolaty. With the longer infusion the mouthfeel I love about Yancha is back, and so is the lengthy dry finish.

The sips have passed,
how many times through my lips?
Tasting just began.
--Adam Yusko
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