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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Embrace the Green

From Matcha\

I am not normally one to do a special holiday post, but everyone just seemed a buzz with St. Patrick's day festivities. So I said what can I do teawise that is completely green. Well the greenest brew has to be Matcha by far, and I do have that seafoam green chawan.

So I made myself a Large batch of the Green tea powder, and basked the wonderful weather outside.

But on that note, I've noticed my teaclock seems to be off a bit. I really got into green teas, especially Japanese greens during the cold months of the year, which the only seasonal one was Gyokuro which should typically be aged at least 6 months prior to release. Yet now I am really getting in the mood for Wuyi Yancha now that it is getting warm.

So Two questions open to my readers:

Did you enjoy any special teas for St. Patrick's day?

Do you believe that there is a typical "Tea clock" as in you should only drink certain teas at certain times of the year?
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