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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Kept 6 months Everyday Shui Xian

A hair over 6 month ago I reviewed this tea the Everyday Shui Xian from Jing tea Shop. And while I said I would not touch it for 4-5 years, I think a 6 months check up is needed to see how it is doing, to see if I am possibly on the right track.

While the dry leaf aroma does not smell nearly as potent, the rise smells a bit on the acrid side. And perhaps my storage method did not do enough to keep moisture out, as it is almost a bit sour smelling. But actually it is quite an interesting aroma, and once you get past the harsh shock of it, its got quite a bit of promise.

While this is far from the best wuyi I have ever had, it is quite an improvement over what was there 6 months ago. A fruit and chocolate profile emerged from the high roast that was there. It actually tastes like a fruit based dessert and coffee all rolled into one tea.

It was certainly interesting, and I feel the tea is much improved. If it will continue to improve is anyones guess.
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