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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Zhi Ming Du He Kai

I was flipping through a list of Puerh samples I have yet to try, and I came across He Kai, which intrigued me simply because I knew nothing about it, Most the other mountains or places I have heard of and red reviews of teas from there. This one is completely new to me.

So as my usual brewing parameters 5 grams in my 60 ml gaiwan. The rinse smells amazing, lots of tropical fruit, and possibly some berry like aromas also.

The aroma of the first infusion is similar, but the real shock, is the flavor is reminiscent of well done toast with butter. As weird as that sounds its strangely inviting. Its slightly acidic, slightly bitter, and buttery.

The second infusion has a much more grain like aroma, possibly because I am really looking for it now. Wow apparently this tea is just starting to wake up, this time its full on orange peels, almost too bitter and acidic.

It really slowly settles down after the second infusion, possibly because I pulled back on steep times, but it seems to be slowly working its way back to the well done buttered toast.

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