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Monday, April 26, 2010

Making tea as a University Student

Some of you may know that I am finishing up my Undergraduate degree, and about to start Graduate studies at a different university. As I have been making and enjoying tea my entire undergraduate career I feel I have certain tips to share.

Freshman year is probably inevitably the hardest, especially if you did not choose your room mate. Depending on your schools rules a wide variety of heating methods may be forbidden, including electric kettles, hot plates, and other relatively safe items. So you have a few options either hope your dorm has a kitchen and use it frequently, possibly boil large amounts of water and keep it warm in thermos for a session, or resort to brewing a lot of teas western style.

I was lucky to have good roommates all throughout school, and I never had to put up with any sabotaging of any of my belongings. But there are horrid stories out there of people trying to boil milk in an electric kettle for Hot Chocolate (Hint do not do it, it is very bad).

Though quite often in the early years of school I was making tea in paper cups with microwaved water, and loose leaf tea in self fill tea bags.

If you have a chance to move into an apartment or off campus house type setting it is much easier and by this time you probably know your roommates, and they probably already accept your tea "habit" whether they think its odd or slightly endearing they will hopefully put up with it.

Basically tea in school is a complete and utter give and take, and finding what works for you.
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