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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Sip Tip House Puerh Blend

I do not remember from who I originally got this idea, it very well might have been Hobbes over at the Half dipper, but puerh has possibly the most waste associated with it. But Keeping in the Zen Buddhist mind, and the fact that all tea is precious, there is no waste. So I have a tin, that into which goes the remainders of samples or excess broken off compressed cakes, bricks, etc.

It has actually been filling at an alarming rate, so I figured it would be time to take a sample from it and brew. Prior to this I tried to mix it up as well as possible, but such an assortment goes into this tin that it probably is a proverbial grab bag in terms of what mountains or years I have in this meager sample.

Well the rinse certainly smelled interesting, and based on the color of the first infusion I think I got a few of the older >10 years old leaves in the mix also. The color is decidedly yellow, with a smell that is perfectly between fresh and aged raw puerh. It is seemingly both yet neither at the same time. I wish I could say I liked the taste as much as anything else. Its got hints of the musty wet stored stuff that had been thrown in, but also a markedly fresh astringency.

What has to be the most disappointing about this mix, is how mellow everything is, the aroma is good but intriguing, and the taste is lacking anything of major note. What is actually rather good about it though is its mouthfeel.

Basically this tea is uninspiring, and as the tin was mostly full, I sealed it and I'll try opening it in 10 years or so and hopefully I will have a good treat.
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