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Saturday, June 26, 2010

1 Sudafed, 2 Aspirin, and A very strong Session of Puerh

This is a rather interesting cocktail, which I only attempted today because I think I am on the rebound from on this cold, and I asked some people on teachat what they thought was a good tea for a cold. Tim from the Mandarins tea Blog, said his cold remedy is very strong young raw puerh. He recommends High mountain or old tree, though as my puerh selection is not that deep/ diverse.

But I will say this much, the sudafed and aspirin did little to actually improve how I felt these past few days. But after 8 infusions of a 100 ml gaiwan that was packed after the leaves fully expanded, and doing extra long infusions. It did nothing to improve my cold, but I must say I did not care that I had a cold any more. Sadly the not caring did not last an extremely long time but it was great while it lasted.

I had forgotten the feeling of a good tea buzz, and I think the packed gaiwan of young puerh is definitely the most sure way to get there.

So anyone else have any good tea approaches to getting over a cold? I am not really that interested in black tea with honey and lemon.
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