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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Gamnong Matcha

Gamnong Matcha 2

It looks like matcha, smells like matcha, but is from Korea? Again I do not know nearly enough about korean tea to explain just about anything about this tea. Though I think we can be assured that this is a remenant in a foreign country back to the powdered tea days of China. In fact one thing I've learned from The Way of Tea and many other tea writings, is that at one point in time basically all the tea consumed was powdered, after being pressed into cakes somewhat like puerh.

Gamnong Matcha 1

But that being said I am sure this is a Korean "matcha" after tasting it, After having one Korean tea two days in a row trying to refine my brewing, I am starting to think Koreans have a different taste than both the Japanese and Chinese. Whereas it is easy to get certain flavor profiles from just about every single Japanese tea, and they cross bounderies between types of Japanese tea, Korean teas seem to have a unique flavor profile which words escape me. I want to say biting, but that is not quite right.

Gamnong Matcha

It is almost as if with the tea leaf they can easily bring out certain characteristics of toasted grains. But one thing is for sure, I would be scared to attempt to produce Koicha from this matcha, as it is almost too intense made at regular strength.
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