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Monday, July 26, 2010

Hankook Organic Doo Mool Green tea

So I decided to make the leap into Korean tea's in part to go along with a Korean Tea book club sponsored by Mattcha that will be hosted on his blog. I figured I would be reading these books on Korean tea, I might as well try some of the tea that comes from the same country.

Doo Mool Korean Green 1

I have only had this tea from Hankook so far, and I did cave and order a korean tea set, while I a thrilled with everything I've gotten from them so far, I only wish they could post much better pictures of their products, as I was hesitant to order just about anything from them, though I know of know better place to get Korean tea.

Doo Mool Korean Green

The dry leaves have an almost nutty aroma, and look like a green twisted oolong, definitely processed in a completely different way than is normal for Chinese or Japanese teas.

The infusion is a beautiful color, and smells borderline grassy, nutty and grain like. It is odd how much this smells and tastes like a genmaicha, but it is also so incredibly creamy when brewing the initial infusions with lower temperature water.

This tea rather intrigues me but still completely baffles me. From the categories I know of Chinese and Japanese tea's, this tea seems to really fit into none of them especially neither called green. It seems to be a hybrid of Japanese and Chinese greens and Chinese Green oolongs.

A new Nation
provides a different taste
letting history unravel itself
in a cup of tea
just sip and listen,
admiring its beauty.
--Adam yusko

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