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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Not for the Feint of Heart

So going a bit over the top, and wanting to understand Matcha a little bit better, I decided to brew up three that are available to me in a side by side by side. One is a DoMatcha, Two are from Ippodo, Tancho-no-Mukashi, and Wakamatsu-no-Mukashi.

Three Matcha Powders

The Domatcha in the Jason Fasi chawan, has a really classic matcha aroma, of bitter chocolate and slightly chalky. But the taste leaves room to be desired, I'd almost call it sour.

The Tancho-no-Mukashi in the Ikkyuo Hagi chawan has what I'd almost say is a peanut butter and chocolate aroma, and goes down thick with a very grassy and chalky taste.

Wakamatsu-no-Mukashi in the beige hagi chawan honestly has no problem being the star of the show. Though I like the power in the Tancho, the Wakamatsu is just so pleasant the entire way through, its almost like drinking bliss, especially when made in Koicha fashion.

Three Matcha
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