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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Essence of Tea 2010 Bangwai

Essence of Tea Bangwai 2010

So I currently have posts stacked up quite a few days a head of schedule. Starting in August I am going to go from a post every two days to a post every three just because I am unsure how things are going to work out with grad school time wise. I will definitely try to post at least once a week after the posts I have lined up expire.

Bangwai is a village near the Jingmai area, and area I am not too familiar with. But the appearance of the cake and smell of the first infusion are quite promising.

Essence of Tea Bangwai Cake 2010
The color of the first infusion is a golden yellow with a bit of a reddish tinge to it, but the leaves look a nice fresh green.

The aroma is incredibly enticing, with a fresh boiled corn, with banana and other tropical fruits. And wow, this is strong, even with a rather short first infusion. The flavors are amazing though, it seems to have just about anything you can want from a fresh young puerh.

Essence of Tea Bangwai Color 2010

I hate to say this but I am a bit distracted with this, playing with a brand new Electric hot plate after my old one died, and trying to figure out optimal settings. But the great thing about this tea, is while it is strong and always demands your attention when drinking it, it is hard to make it overly bitter, even with slightly distracted brewing. Mind you this is still a very young raw puerh, so do not get too distracted.

That being said, After 8 or so infusions I am not as fond of this tea any more. It was a great ride through those 8 infusions but the 6th 7th and 8th, while they had an incredible mouth and throat feel, they were a bit insipid otherwise. I know a lot of people talking about having a tea last for 20 or so infusions of a tea, but I usually call it quits after my kettle runs very low, but that being said I feel with puerh which people say they get that huge number of infusions, I tend to abuse a bit more than some, often steeping most except the very early infusions for double the others quote.

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