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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Premium Yun Xaing Tie Guan Yin

Premium Yun Xiang leaf

Occasionally I feel people need to eat their words, and admit that they have been completely wrong an a type of tea. I hope I was not to open about it on this blog, but I know I voiced my opinion often through other means.

But Basically this post is a long time coming, in part due to the generosity of some friends who really opened my eyes to the glory a Green Tie Guan Yin can achieve. This particular offering is from Chinese Cha Dao on Ebay, and these samples were sent to help enlighten me.

The problem comes about when asking the question: "Is it worth it?" Which I hope I have attained a certain level of tea appreciation that when I taste these teas I can appreciate how good they are. That being said while I have had some Phenomenal Green Tie Guan Yins these past few months, I am not sure if I myself personally are willing to spend the money on them, as all these Tie Guan Yins that have made me go wow, also cause the same reaction when I look at the price.

Premium Yun Xiang

So what I will say about this tea, is this one flirts with the bottom of the range of quality that I find not boring, and not "bad". The tea is mellow with lots of good flavors hidden in its gentleness. To many budget TGY even with the carefullest of brewing are either insipid, or incredibly bitter (and not the good way like with some young Puerh).

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