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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Chalk Dust and Tap Water

I do not know if it the inherent gritty feeling of seemingly everything in my office, and the fact that no matter how recently someone worked at the board that chalk dust seems to fill my nose, but I've learned delicate teas are to be avoided at just about all costs in an academic office setting.

That being said I thankfully never planed to drink a tea in my office that I felt would require undivided sensory perception. But the more and more I drink tea in the office, the more I realize that Big and Bold flavors and aromas in teas are often best, and as seemingly anything can happen to call your attention away, less expensive teas that you won't mind only doing a few steeps with are by far best.

Though I assume most corporate offices do not have to worry about chalk dust, and depending on the layout you may have large amounts of time which you typically have no interruptions. But somehow in an grad student office many of you are all in a rather small room, typically in many of the same classes, so even when the door is shut, it can be easy to start talking with someone about a problem or topic, and have half an hour pass at the board.

Big and bold I am learning is definitely best, as only when I'm drinking an over roasted oolong that is honestly not that great, do I actually get some of the effects I love the most about tea, that is the wafting aromas of the tea, and it was actually the first tea I made in the office that I felt had a substantial amount of taste, the previous Houjicha and Green TGY always seemed to be be colored hot water with only subtle hints of taste and aroma.
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