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Monday, November 1, 2010

Tea Trekker Sejak

TeaTrekker Sejak
My last package of Korean Greens, and this is some beautiful looking Sejak it honestly looks like a cross between an Asamushi sencha and a twisted Chinese green. The Korean greens I have had have honestly had some of the best smells, and I want to say the Sejaks have been my personal favorites, so incredibly fresh and forest like at the same time.

My first impression of this tea was incredibly positive, maybe not the most complex, but its flavor profile is an incredible wave of Umami. But I hate to say as I brewed up more and more infusions, I am starting to like this tea less and less.

The tea started out rather wonderful but the strong Umami flavors faded into a rather powdery/chalky taste that permeates the whole mouth. I am trying to think of how that could be remedied, and I am thinking upon later tastings would be to keep the temp lower through all infusions. So basically I should not increase the temp as much between infusions.

I say this because I think the powdery flavor is a sort of hidden masked astringency. Astringency tends to be countered in two ways shorter infusions or cooler temps, and while this tea never seemed incredibly potent in terms of flavor it was not a problem with the steep times.
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