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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Two years of The Sip Tip

Hou De Rou Gui

Today marks the two year anniversary of starting the Sip Tip, though anyone will have a hard time to find posts from the first few months, as I deleted most of them when I first refocused my blog. Though I am actually rather amazed as I thought some how in two years of enjoying tea I would have settled into a habit by now, though I seemingly continue to find new avenues to explore.

A change I definitely hope stays around is I plan to continue to explore Korean teas, which now seems like as good a time to start as any, as seemingly more and more vendors are now offering Korean Teas on websites that are easier to navigate by English Speakers. (Still working on learning more languages, but still far from bilingual).

I have made my decision to go without yixing teapots from here on until I have a change of heart. This is for many reasons some of which are outlined here. Though part of it has to do with the fact that I like the bit more skill that is required for working with a gaiwan, and it is easier to find gaiwans in the sizes I would rather use.

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