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Friday, December 3, 2010

When is it not a good time for Japanese greens?

Kaoru Organic Matcha

For someone who used to be so adamant in their lack of appeal for Japanese greens I have surely done quite an about face. Although this seems to have many different components. That being either my tastes have radically changed, or the water where I live now even after being filtered is often unsuitable for my previous long time favorite of Wuyi Yancha, although seems to often result in wonderful tasting Sencha. That and the fact that I have moved beyond just having tea, to experiencing tea. This is not saying that wuyi or other teas can not be experienced. But for my own personal enjoyment, I love tactility and use of my hagi cups, and using kyusu's or hohins.

But then again I noticed this even with Wuyi two summers ago, but when I really enjoy a tea, and am acting like I can not possible get enough, it seems I fall out of certain seasonally expected norms, the most regarded are Greener and lighter teas in the summer and Darker, and bolder teas in the winter. Well I must say that basically for the last year, I have had a Japanese green tea on average probably more than twice a week.

Kuradashi Sencha

So I am honestly not sure if there is ever not a good time for Japanese greens, although I am all for drinking the tea you feel like when you feel like it, so as long as my body keeps asking for Japanese greens, I will keep on drinking them.
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