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Friday, January 21, 2011

Regaining my enjoyment of tea

Seigan Sansai Tebineri

Despite having many sessions of tea I would describe as good, I have realized that to a small extent I have lost quite a bit of my enjoyment in tea. I do not know if it is lack of excitement in exploring more and more new teas, but while I continue to drink tea and try new teas but they never really surprise me. Something rather worrisome had occurred to me recently though, is that while less and less surprise me now, my tea habit has almost become going through the motions.

Going through the motions, is a phrase that has always worried me, while I can see to a certain extent how it might make certain boring tasks easier to accomplish, when it comes to something I used to enjoy, or something I want to enjoy it is deeply problematic. So I wonder how many cups of tea did I drink when just going through the motions, what subtle nuances did I miss based on slight changes in the surroundings, and my mood.

So I realized I have been neglecting my study of Zen Buddhism, which while I was taking the course, and practicing occasionally I felt there was some good coming from it. Somehow quieting the mind, to focus on the world around, has already helped me start to re-appreciate several things, such as the other night, I meditated for 40 minutes, then went to start a tea. I picked up that cup pictured above, and turned it over in my hand, and looked at it from all angles. It made me happy, and I enjoyed the cup much more than I have in quite some time.
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