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Monday, March 21, 2011

Japanese Tea

Mukuhara Yunomi

This post is going to be some of my favorite photos involving Japanese tea, while I bring up the idea that I would like a lot of tea drinkers to get behind. Due to the devastated Japanese economy, if you are not skiddish about the possibility of radiation, of which until I see otherwise it is highly unlikely that any tea will hold severely elevated levels of radiation. And those radiation levels bar any horrible disaster yet to take place will be quite unlikely to even get close to levels that are unsafe for consumption.

Wakamastu Koicha

So I would like to call this the Year of Japanese Tea and Ceramics, i.e. if you wanted to give Japanese teas a try, do it. If you are running low on two different teas, and one of them is Japanese, place the order for the Japanese teas first. In short any tea related purchase of which you are deciding between two or more, and not partial to one over the other then err on the side of Japanese.

Nichi Getsu Sencha

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